Handfasting Ceremony

Handfasting ceremonies

Did you know the phrase ‘to tie the knot’ originates from the tradition of a Celtic Hand Fasting? The “bonds of matrimony” are not the exclusivity of the church either but they are both expressions which we are sure you are familiar with and have heard before.

We can create a variety of a Hand fasting ceremonies which can be full standalone ceremonies or created as mini rituals and included within a more traditional wedding ceremony.

Tying the Knot, Lighting Unity candles, Ring blessings and Jumping the Broomstick have become more popular over the years and approx 40% of our wedding couples include at least one of these mini rituals in their traditional ceremony.

If you prefer to hold a full Handfasting ceremony then please call me on 07970 513715 to have a chat.

I work as a team, for the occasion where you require two celebrants to share the role of Priestess, but we are also very happy to create a Handfasting ceremony which can be enjoyed with close family or friends who wish to take a more active role within your ceremony.

We have lovingly made our own broom for jumping over, although you are most welcome to bring your own. We create your ceremony in the same way that we create all of our wedding and commitment ceremonies and encourage you to be involved as much as you wish.

Traditionally Handfasting ceremonies will be held outdoors, amongst nature and with guests standing around you in a circle of love. Your Handfasting ceremony can be held wherever you wish and we are lucky to have some stunning gardens and woodland around Kent to use, including a stone circle and protected burial mound associated with nearby wedding venues.

We have also presented ceremonies at Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Chalice Wells.

Full Handfasting ceremonies start from £1000.

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