Terms and Conditions

ENQUIRY STAGE - When you make your enquiry, if the date is confirmed, I will hold this date for you for 7 days pending receipt of your deposit.

DEPOSIT - A non-refundable £150 booking fee is required to secure the date and time for your ceremony.

PAYMENT OF BALANCE - Payment of the outstanding balance is due 8 weeks prior to the ceremony, unless the booking is made with less than 8 weeks to go. Then payment is required in full at this time. 

USE OF IMAGERY/TESTIMONIALS: This contract serves as release for any photographic likeness taken by Simply Ceremonies Uk to be used in print or electronically for promotional purposes only and guarantees they will not be intentionally exploited in any way. We may ask that you grant us permission to use photos taken at your event, and/or for you to provide us with a testimonial, to be used for promotional purposes. You are under no obligation to grant us such permission.

LEGAL - WEDDINGS: You are aware this ceremony will not be legally recognised in England and Wales. To formalise the legal requirements you must attend a Register office (if you desire legal recognition).

CONFIDENTIALITY - All correspondence and documentation in respect of our services, including any ceremony examples provided by us, must be kept confidential both before and after your event. Such information can only be shared with our express written consent.


If you choose to cancel after the statutory 14 days, for whatever reason your fee will be invoiced as follows:

Fees forfeited for cancellation are as follows:

  1. within 3 months of ceremony date - 60% of Celebrancy Fee; 
  2. within 2 months - 80% of Celebrancy Fee;
  3. within 1 month - 100% of Celebrancy Fee.
  4. Add to the above any special expenses paid by Celebrant, such as additional travel and accomodation expenses
  5. Delay to ceremony start and finish:
  6. For every hour or part thereof past the agreed starting  time £75 will invoiced.

UNAVAILIBILITY - If on the day of the event we are not able, for whatever reason, to provide the service you have paid for we will use our best endeavors to find a substitute celebrant to provide the service in our place.Only if no substitute celebrant can be found will you be entitled to a refund.

In the event that Simply Ceremonies UK cancels you will be entitled to 100% refund.


Celebrant - led Weddings

My fees will be different for everyone as they are based on your individual requirements.

I will gather lots of information from you about the type of ceremony you want, what time of year you are holding the ceremony, the venue you are planning to hold it in and if you are considering a mini ceremony such as a Hand-tying or Candle ceremony.  All of this information will be used to tailor the quote for you.

My fee is fully inclusive of a pre-wedding meeting ( either face to face or via Skype), unlimited contact with you by phone or email, creating, writing and presenting the ceremony, any revisions to the script, readings and vows presented on decorative card, a rehearsal and my travel expenses on the day. I also include a Keepsake folder and copy of the ceremony wording for you along with a commemorative certificate. 

Additional costs are only invoiced if you instruct me to purchase an item on your behalf eg Unity Candle set or you want something completely different included, eg a Baby naming ceremony included within the wedding.


Weddings in a box

Sometimes you may have somebody who is perfectly willing and able to present your ceremony for you, however, you still require someone to create this for you. 

I offer a service whereby everything is created as above for you, however, your ceremony script, certificate, readings and vows are posted to you in a beautifully created keepsake box which allows someone else to present your ceremony wherever you are in the world.