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Baby Naming Ceremonies

With many families moving away from the Church, but still wanting a form of christening for their children, Baby naming ceremonies have become increasingly more popular.

It’s a well-deserved event for the new parents, and a fun way to introduce the new little one to his or her family; and we want to help you create a personal ceremony worthy of such an auspicious occasion.

Simply Ceremonies Uk work with you to create the perfect ceremony for your child.

Whether you are hosting the ceremony at home or at local venue, We can help. Each family is different, and our unique ceremonies allow each family to express their love for their children in beautiful and individual ways. This ceremony is perfect for younger children and babies, and we are happy to personalise your ceremony to include all of your children at once.

Welcoming ceremonies are also an opportunity to welcome adopted children into the family and can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony where two families, with children, are joined together.

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